Focus: Grand Daddy Purple

I was lucky enough to win an Illuminent giveaway and able to experience Illuminent’s Grand Daddy Purple before it was released. It is absolutely fantastic and did not disappoint. I am currently (as of writing this article ) vaping Granddaddy Purple (1000mg) as part of my Daily CBD regimen. Granddaddy Purple is created using high-quality whole plant full spectrum CBD oils with Granddaddy Purple Cannabis derived terpenes. I use Granddaddy Purple Vape throughout the day, I typically will take 2-3 pulls with my morning coffee. Since vaping CBD absorbs faster (around 2-3 minutes) than taking it sublingually (10-15minutes) so it gets ahead of my morning tincture. Then I will typically use it throughout the day as needed. It generally takes about 2-3 minutes to feel the effects and I find it lasts for two 2-3 hours. Some have reported that it makes them sleepy, however I do not have that experience so I’m able to use it throughout the day. Although the relaxing and calming effect does not make me tired, I do find it helps my sleep based on nights that I vape before bed versus nights that I don’t. My Vape only CBD Regimen: If I run out […]

Illuminent CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

New Premium CBD Flower Pre-Roll

I ordered mine, and I’m looking forward to trying Illuminent’s NEW product; Premium Industrial Hemp CBD Flower Pre-Rolls! This is not Marijuana but pre-rolled Industrial Hemp Flower. One tube comes with two Pre-Rolls .5 grams each, one Pre-Roll will deliver approximately 35MG of high-quality CBD. ( see CBD Breakdown below ) CBD Breakdown: CBDGA —  0.4 CBDA — 19.4 CBD —  1.4 CBG —  0.1 CBC —  0.3   There will be a video review on our Facebook page in a few days!  

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Birdbrain CBD has moved!!!

We have moved!!! Birdbrain CBD has moved from to This makes it easier for me to organize my different Birdbrain Entities 🙂 Please let me know if you notice any migration issues.   Thank you, Jason Bird

Illuminent - Blueberry Kush Vape Juice Review

Illuminent – Blueberry Kush Review

Blueberry Kush has a nice berry flavor that is not overpowering and has a refreshing natural flavor to it making it quite enjoyable. I love its earthy tones that to me almost finish with a cinnamon flavor. Blueberry Kush is my favorite Full-Spectrum CBD Vape Juice. I personally use it daily to support general anxiety, and A.D.D., or to unwind at the end of the day.

Anxiety, CBD, & Me Feature Image

Anxiety, CBD, & Me

My personal testimony for anxiety treatment using CBD I have had an anxiety disorder my entire life, yet was not diagnosed until the early 2000’s. Looking back its always been there. I’ve tried Sertraline ( Zoloft ) and it did okay after being on it for a while and getting through the initial side-effects, but I never felt quite right. I didn’t feel connected to everyday life. While I was on Zoloft I felt like it removed both sides of the emotional spectrum and kept everything right in the middle. Things I used to enjoy became mindless tasks or actions. Everything started to feel empty and hollow, with little feeling one way or the other. I think the point I’m trying to convey to you is best visualized in the sine waves below. The BLUE SINE WAVE representing my normal emotional range and the RED SINE WAVE representing my Zoloft emotional range. Zoloft almost acted like a generalized emotional “governor”, limiting the amplitude of the sine wave representing the full emotional range. Both the good and the bad were being affected, which is what I feel made things feel so empty. I wasn’t getting the same amount of “feeling” from […]

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Initial Site Release

Welcome to Birdbrain CBD. This site is intended to be an Informative site regarding CBD Health benefits. I will also be posting my own personal testimonies and experiences with CBD.