Focus: Grand Daddy Purple

I was lucky enough to win an Illuminent giveaway and able to experience Illuminent’s Grand Daddy Purple before it was released. It is absolutely fantastic and did not disappoint. I am currently (as of writing this article ) vaping Granddaddy Purple (1000mg) as part of my Daily CBD regimen. Granddaddy Purple is created using high-quality whole plant full spectrum CBD oils with Granddaddy Purple Cannabis derived terpenes. I use Granddaddy Purple Vape throughout the day, I typically will take 2-3 pulls with my morning coffee. Since vaping CBD absorbs faster (around 2-3 minutes) than taking it sublingually (10-15minutes) so it gets ahead of my morning tincture. Then I will typically use it throughout the day as needed. It generally takes about 2-3 minutes to feel the effects and I find it lasts for two 2-3 hours. Some have reported that it makes them sleepy, however I do not have that experience so I’m able to use it throughout the day. Although the relaxing and calming effect does not make me tired, I do find it helps my sleep based on nights that I vape before bed versus nights that I don’t. My Vape only CBD Regimen: If I run out […]