Illuminent CBD Flower Pre-Rolls

New Premium CBD Flower Pre-Roll

I ordered mine, and I’m looking forward to trying Illuminent’s NEW product; Premium Industrial Hemp CBD Flower Pre-Rolls! This is not Marijuana but pre-rolled Industrial Hemp Flower. One tube comes with two Pre-Rolls .5 grams each, one Pre-Roll will deliver approximately 35MG of high-quality CBD. ( see CBD Breakdown below ) CBD Breakdown: CBDGA —  0.4 CBDA — 19.4 CBD —  1.4 CBG —  0.1 CBC —  0.3   There will be a video review on our Facebook page in a few days!   Please follow and like us:

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We have moved!!! Birdbrain CBD has moved from to This makes it easier for me to organize my different Birdbrain Entities 🙂 Please let me know if you notice any migration issues.   Thank you, Jason Bird

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Initial Site Release

Welcome to Birdbrain CBD. This site is intended to be an Informative site regarding CBD Health benefits. I will also be posting my own personal testimonies and experiences with CBD.