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I was lucky enough to win an Illuminent giveaway and able to experience Illuminent’s Grand Daddy Purple before it was released. It is absolutely fantastic and did not disappoint. I am currently (as of writing this article ) vaping Granddaddy Purple (1000mg) as part of my Daily CBD regimen.

Granddaddy Purple is created using high-quality whole plant full spectrum CBD oils with Granddaddy Purple Cannabis derived terpenes.

Illuminent CBD Vape Oil Sample Pack

My CBD Regimen Usage

I use Granddaddy Purple Vape throughout the day, I typically will take 2-3 pulls with my morning coffee. Since vaping CBD absorbs faster (around 2-3 minutes) than taking it sublingually (10-15minutes) so it gets ahead of my morning tincture. Then I will typically use it throughout the day as needed.

It generally takes about 2-3 minutes to feel the effects and I find it lasts for two 2-3 hours. Some have reported that it makes them sleepy, however I do not have that experience so I’m able to use it throughout the day. Although the relaxing and calming effect does not make me tired, I do find it helps my sleep based on nights that I vape before bed versus nights that I don't.

My Vape only CBD Regimen:
If I run out of my Tincture I will switch my CBD Regimen to 2-4 pulls in the morning, 2-3 pulls mid-day, 2-3 pulls evening.


An Indica strain known for promoting relaxation and calming effects.

Terpene Breakdown

Terpenes are basically the essential oils found in plants. Below are the top three terpenes in Illuminent’s Granddaddy Purple CBD Vape including a little about the terpenes as well as the micrograms per gram (ug/g) found in Grand Daddy Purple.

α-Pinene (Alpha-Pinene) ( 114.57 ug/g )

α Pinene accounts for cannabis’ familiar odor, often associated with pine trees and turpentine. α Pinene is the most common naturally occurring terpenoid and acts as both an anti-inflammatory and a bronchodilator.

Effects: Anti-Depressant, Anti-Bacterial, Cytotoxic, Anti-Microbial

β-Myrcene (Beta-Myrcene) ( 402.72 ug/g )

β-myrcene is a natural organic hydrocarbon. Myrcene is also a monoterpene used to create other secondary terpenes. Research( ) has shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory and anti-catabolic effects in cartilage.

Effects: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Catabolic

Iluminent CBD Tincture Sample Pack


β-Caryophyllene (Beta-Caryophyllene) ( 115.47 ug/g )

Caryophyllene is a unique terpene that activates the CB2 receptors throughout the body.

Effects: Anti-Depressant, Anti-Cancer, Neuroprotective

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Illuminent CBD Vape Oil Sample Pack

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