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Anxiety, CBD, & Me

My personal testimony for anxiety treatment using CBD

I have had an anxiety disorder my entire life, yet was not diagnosed until the early 2000’s. Looking back its always been there. I’ve tried Sertraline ( Zoloft ) and it did okay after being on it for a while and getting through the initial side-effects, but I never felt quite right. I didn’t feel connected to everyday life.

While I was on Zoloft I felt like it removed both sides of the emotional spectrum and kept everything right in the middle. Things I used to enjoy became mindless tasks or actions. Everything started to feel empty and hollow, with little feeling one way or the other. I think the point I’m trying to convey to you is best visualized in the sine waves below.

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The BLUE SINE WAVE representing my normal emotional range and the RED SINE WAVE representing my Zoloft emotional range.

Sine wave representing Zoloft anxiety treatment.

Zoloft almost acted like a generalized emotional “governor”, limiting the amplitude of the sine wave representing the full emotional range. Both the good and the bad were being affected, which is what I feel made things feel so empty. I wasn’t getting the same amount of “feeling” from normally enjoyable tasks and activities. Alternatively, things felt like they were getting better because the amplitude of anxious emotions was being governed, suppressing feelings of nervousness, or just suppressing a general anxious feeling. (nervousness is not the same as feeling anxious)

When I gave CBD a try, the first thing I noticed was that an underlying tension was gone. It was almost like a tight guitar string extending through my body that was always in a state of tense vibration was cut and I felt calm. I was relieved. No, it wasn’t a one-time miracle cure, but the benefits I’ve experienced have only improved over time. Stressful stimuli that would normally cause me to abruptly snap, I did not have the same tension as before. I don't want to make it sound like it was an abrupt thing like cutting a guitar string would be it was actually very gentle. I was doing something around the house and the presence of tension was just gone. I remember thinking “well this is interesting”, making a mental note of it, and continued on. As I continued, I noticed little things that would normally bother me did not anymore. I didn’t feel my social anxiety was nearly as bad either, and I just felt good. Tasks and activities that I previously enjoyed were finally enjoyable again. The things (social events, etc) that used to spin me out of control no longer snowball into HUGE anxiety-ridden events. Since I like numbers and graphs I’m sticking with them to illustrate my point below.

Again the BLUE SINE WAVE represents normal emotional range’s while unmedicated, the GREEN SINE WAVE represents emotional ranges I experience while treating with CBD.

Sine Wave CBD Anxiety Treatment

As you can see from the image above my positive non-anxious feelings are still intact, I still enjoy doing things while “ungoverned” by Zoloft. I still like the things that I like that make me me! However, the anxious feelings still inside of me are not being “governed” by CBD. They are being TREATED by CBD. So you could say that the 0 point line of the graph has been shifted as well.

The next image is simply an amalgamation of the previous graphs. I like how it shows everything together, and is a good representation of how I feel between the three conditions of treatments: untreated, traditional medicine, and CBD.

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Sine Wave representing the effects of all anxiety treatment methods.

Now, I know there are many types of medications out there for anxiety. The truth is I don't like taking medications of any sort. I don't even take Tylenol. Plus, I’ve personally seen the initial and withdrawal symptoms of other anxiety medications experienced by people I know, and well no thank you. The ones from Zoloft were enough for me, thanks.
Now this is my own experience and I can not say that you will have the same one experience I have had. Everyone’s body is different and responds differently to medications and other forms of treatment.

Disclaimer: These are my personal views, not those of a medical professional. Before trying anything new, consult your physician.

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